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Our corporate and commercial videos are tailored to each clients needs. We offer a diverse range of styles to match what you are wanting to accomplish. Our services range from high end commercial work to conference documentation.

Business Branding

Our Business Branding videos are designed to give small businesses a bigger presence and spread their name by sharing their story with potential customers.  Let us help spread your companies name and watch your business reach new heights.

What We Do

Connecting People. Sharing Stories.

Be Discovered

One of the hardest parts about owning a business is finding customers. Finding the right customers is key to a successful business, but how can you help those customers find you? You can help by spreading your story across the web. Posting your video to social media and letting it spread like wild fire will help drive traffic to your website.


Being discovered is only part of the solution. Simply having a video isn’t the solution. The attention span of the average browser is getting shorter, to combat that you need to capture their attention, peak their interest and impress them. Just telling them what you do is not enough anymore, you need to impress them. That is where we excel.


Now that you have impressed the audience, you need to communicate your point efficiently. When you get the customers to watch your video or get to your website, you have a brief opportunity to get your point across. A video that can communicate efficiently is one of the most important traits a commercial can have.

About Us

Brennan Sapp

Brennan Sapp

Cinematographer/ Editor

Founder of Luminescent Studios, I spent the first three years of my video production career shooting weddings. I wanted to take what I have learned while shooting in that unique and fast paced atmosphere and apply it to a new genre. I wanted to apply creative visual storytelling to corporate, commercial and documentary videos to create videos that will not only inform your clients, but also keep them entertained.